Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mean girls.

I love Facebook for my stalker tendencies. 
What I do not love is how angry I allow it to make me.
Case in point, this article was posted today:
H&M Uses Plus-Size Model to Showcase Swimwear
I, like many people, think that the term plus size is completely overused. 
And plus sized or not, she is beautiful.
Healthy does NOT have to look like this:
She is fit, and gorgeous and healthy. But this isn't the ONLY picture of healthy that exists. 
I think the above picture is stunning, and I think yeah it might be fun to look like that.
But do you know what my goal body looks like?
Curvy. Happy. HEALTHY.
It makes me INSANE. 
If you are comfortable with how you look, fantastic.
If you want look look a certain way, go for it.
But do NOT sit there and say that the beautiful H&M model is perpetuating the obesity epidemic.
Nobody at H&M is glorifying obesity. They are showing a bathing suit with shape. 
For the idiots that are out there....
Eff You.


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