Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black + Gold Bedroom ideas

Justin and I are going to be redecorating our bedroom this summer.

(I know, like EVERY room is half done. I have decorating ADD)

The bright side to this project, is that it is a pretty minor revamp. We've never done anything in there so it is just blank.

Originally, I wanted this look

But I think it might just be too dark.

I have gold side table lamps with black shades. I have black side tables. We are getting new bedding and a new black headboard. 

I think I want white walls
More like this.

And curtains above the bed is a MUST. I love it. I was thinking either like the above, or like this

And, to complete the look:

We do not have regular windows in our bedroom. In fact, we do not have any windows. We have big sliding doors leading to the balcony. These will be a GREAT addition!


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