Thursday, May 2, 2013

If I had a fat bank account

It is fun to dream isn't it??
I'd wake up every day in a house like this:
My biggest decision would be what to wear:
My lunch would *always* be cupcakes and champagne:
[True story, I had champagne and a fudge round for lunch today.]
I'd spend the rest of my day in a variety of ways:
Catching some sun, floating around, chatting with my gal pals.
After that busy afternoon, I'd hop into my sweet kitchen to start dinner
I need all that space for my champagne and wine. Trust me.
After dinner I might watch a film in my home theater
Or sit outside
Or, frolic in my sweet hot tub:
Every bit of it would be enjoyed with my handsome guy:


  1. OMG.. I'm drooling... Like, I had to wipe up my desk a little.. Whoops ;)

    I think my day would be spent pretty much just like yours ;)

    And shopping.

    Because, we NEED to fill that closet up to the nines! ;)

  2. Could I move in with you if you had that kind of bank account? ;-)


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