Thursday, May 23, 2013

I need a little creative pow-wow

My Etsy shop is doing pretty well, I am getting a lot of custom orders. 
Which is great, and I love them.

Here are my issues though...
*I am getting a lot of orders from friends/family/word of mouth. These are local orders and they are typically not paid through Etsy. This is great because I don't have the processing fee, and they do not have delivery as I drop off or they pick up.
I don't get the "numbers". Because they are placed this way, my Etsy sale total is a measly 2. 
*I am thinking to start a Facebook page. This way, I could reach a wider audience, and I could list some of the items I have been making that are too large to ship or too complex to ship.

*How do fellow crafters/shop owners handle custom orders? Should I be adding more money to the total? I thought my prices were great-I am making about a 50% profit on each item. However, the last 3 deliveries have resulted in the person telling me I should charge more. Which would be awesome--if I could do it. I am cheap! Maybe adding a $5 up charge to any custom product?

*I am also getting tons of ideas thrown at me. "You should do this" "Do it this way" "Make something with this quote"
and as much as they might sell, it isn't my style. How should I handle this? For an order, I will ABSOLUTELY do it. But for the people that are just giving me suggestions, I cannot decide if compromising my "style" and what I envision for my shop is worth a sale. 



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