Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

It truly is more like a week recap!

My sister and nephew arrived *finally* from Colorado last Tuesday morning at 12:20am!

Photo: Denver airport bound.

He has gotten so big in the two months I haven't seen him, it is killing me! Thankfully, two more months and I get Scotty alllll summer long. 

We spent the week visiting family and hanging out. My Mom surprised the little guy with a bunk bed. It has a bunk on top and a futon on bottom. Or, as he calls it, "a crouton". 

We had a massive sleep over on Thursday and Friday at my Mom's house. Just my sister, nephew and I on Thursday. Friday, my husband joined the fun!

It was a really long week, with a lot of running around.

Saturday night we had a family dinner at Bob Evans--my sisters, their kids, my Mom and Dad, my husband and my brother in law. It was crazy but it was also a great last thing to do. 


The next morning they flew home very early and were celebrating Easter before I even woke up that day.

I think I needed 18 hours of sleep to catch up on everything I've missed since last Monday!


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