Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Knocking on 30

I'll be turning 28 in two weeks. The birthday kind of sneaked up on me--just a few days ago I realized I would be celebrating soon. 

I've never fretted growing older, until now.

I so wish I could stop time and spend eternity in this part of my life.
Just me + him

I cannot imagine things getting better than they are at this moment. 
But it will, I know that.

When I was a kid I never dreamed of having a family and being a Mom. I dreamed of love-marriage-growing old with one person.
Never really had a 2nd thought to motherhood.

Until, recently.

I can completely, positively say that I never had a desire for children until Justin. I saw him, fell in love and instantly had visions of babies, teenagers, becoming grandparents with this guy. 
It was overwhelming.

Then, last year when I turned 27, I started to get really bummed that we didn't have kids.
We were newlyweds, it was definitely not a time to be adding to a family.
But I think what hit me the most was that my own Mom was 27 when she had me. 
I really started to feel I was missing something major.

But it isn't that simple.

Justin never wanted children. 
Until, me. Until, more specifically, my nephew:

He so loves Scotty, and Scotty adores Justin. It makes me jealous, but whatever ;)

So, two weeks outside of turning 28, my biggest thought is, "Am I going to be a mother before 30?" 
I feel that YES, I will. 
But, waiting? It sucks.



  1. Gorgeous photo of you guys!! You're going to be such cute parents :)

    1. Aww! Thank you, Rachel! That was really sweet.


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