Monday, April 29, 2013

Sew and Sew

There are few things that I love as much as I love my sewing machine.
But, I somehow lack the capacity to follow a sewing pattern. I am more of a wing it kind of gal. It results in a lot of wasted supplies. But, it works for me.

I was just text a photo of something that I am pretty positive I cannot make. I really want the order, and I am impressed this person thought my skill level was that high. But there is no way. 

Perhaps I need to practice. 

Any great projects with simple directions? I get very overwhelmed with a bunch of steps and cuts of fabric. To date, I've stuck to scarves and makeup bags for the shop. 
I've like to knock out a really big purse, and eventually move on to clothing.


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  1. i am a sewing aholic! i love my sewing machine to! if you google step by step sewing projects, or exactly what you want to sew you should be able to find soem good directions on what you want to make! I am always shocked what good info you can find on google!


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