Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Goodness! This has been a crazy 4 days or so!
Thursday I spent HOURS cleaning our house. Mop, vacuum, dust, hang pictures in the living room...yuck.
I am not a neat freak--at all. I am a total slob. So it sucked.
Friday, Justin took a 1/2 day and we spent 4 hours and a bunch of money on food and decor for the party.
That night, my college roommate came down to spend the weekend!
We were up until 1am making rice. It was a long night!
Saturday--PARTY DAY!
Justin and I woke up and went to pick up the group gift at Kohl's and I grabbed a new dress for the party. A solid black maxi--and yet, no pictures. Lame.
Here is the cake:
How cute, right?! The sand is the BEST thing! It is like a mix of brown sugar and graham crackers. Obsessed!
When we got the cake, I needed a cupcake, of course
Here is the pineapple palm tree I made
I didn't want to waste pineapple, so I also added the little shrubs--and made everyone promise to eat the pineapple on Sunday.
Here are a few more party shots:
My Step dad having a great time
Opening the group gift--a Margaritaville Margarita Machine!
The other part of the group gift was a gift bag full of tequila and mixers!
It was definitely a great weekend. Yesterday we had brunch and said goodbye to Marissa. And then laid around all day. We had Chinese take out for dinner and watched a ton of movies. It was lovely!

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