Thursday, July 18, 2013

Check that off the list

About a month ago, I posted about being nervous about doing a boudoir photo shoot.
Last week, I had my shoot. 
It wasn't ANYTHING like I thought it would be. And truthfully, I pretty much forgot I was walking around in my undies. 
Yesterday, I was able to meet with the photographer and see the pictures. They are AMAZING!! She picked a few that she will be using in her look books and ads. eeeeep! She asked if it was ok to post online, and I surprised myself and said YES! I truthfully do not care WHO sees them. They are very tasteful. And honestly, I wish I had seen some better plus size shots when I was looking at pictures for inspiration. 
Since I was modeling for her, I have a photo credit (I want to buy them all!) and was given a digital image of my choice. I went with this one:

You can check out the AMAZING photographer's beautiful work here!

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  1. Girly this is amazing!! I myself have done boudoir shots. I did mine this past February. Go you for posting them online!! :D


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