Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Day Link Up!

I will take ANY chance to share our wedding details, so when I saw this link up, I knew I had to join!

Justin and I were married 2.19.2012 in Key West, Florida.
We fell in love FAST. On our 6 month anniversary he proposed and we vowed that weekend to take our time and plan the perfect wedding.
Big fat lie. We were engaged in September 2010 and we were going to wait until January to start even thinking of plans.
Within 12 hours of being home for our engagement weekend, I was calling venues. Originally, we planned a BIG, 250 guest wedding at home.
Then, we went on vacation in December 2010. While sitting in the sun, I looked at him and said, "Let's go away and get married."
SO, we started planning.

By Christmas 2010, we knew it would be Key West. We picked a date for 2012 to give our family and friends more time to plan for a big trip.

We did a private chartered catamaran.

Bridal Party:
I jumped the gun when planning and asked my girls before I knew we'd have a destination wedding. I told them all I would understand if they couldn't make the trip or didn't want the added bridesmaid expense. They all totally still did it! Our sides were uneven. Justin's friends and many family members couldn't get the time off work/afford to come. So he had 2 groomsmen, and our ring bearer.

Purple, Teal, and Gold

First Dance:

We arrived in Key West a few days before the wedding. Saturday night we had a Welcome Party, rather than a Rehearsal Dinner. It was a BLAST! There is this GREAT place in Key West called Dante's. It has a pool, great food, and awesome service! We had a blast.

Sunday, we had pictures on the dock around 4:30, then boarded the boat.
We did ceremony and first dance while the sun was setting. Then we had our yummy tropical feast. The rest of the night was spent dancing. It was amazing!

The Dress:
I had my dress custom made by a local seamstress. I called her SIX weeks prior to our wedding because I hated my dress. She and I sketched out what I dreamed of and she made it! It was PERFECT.

We stayed a week in Key West and then we departed on a 7 day cruise!
Driving down to Key West from Orlando

St. Martin

What would I change?
Honestly, NOTHING. Our day was PERFECT. There are sometimes I wish I had put more effort into finding cheaper deals for our guests so a few more people could have made it down. But then I think, nahhh, you had a YEAR. Find your own deals! 

I am SO happy we went to Key West to get married. We fell so in love with it, and now it is "our" little place. And for real---this was the view at our wedding!



  1. I love your dress so much!! Beautiful!

  2. WOW what a beautiful venue and wedding! I love your dress and I love that you wouldn't change anything! No regrets! :)

  3. Your dress is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wedding details. I've been married almost 6 years and I still love to hear about weddings.

  4. What an amazing wedding!!! You look gorgeous :)

  5. Stopped by from the link-up. Love your pictures! The best part is that everyone looks so happy. Congratulations!

  6. Beautiful wedding! Great idea to do it on a catamaran!


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