Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It has been a minute

The last few weeks have been SO BUSY!!!

Last week, I was in Colorado picking up my little nephew

He is pretty cute. Spiderman traveled with us, had his own seat and everything.

I will say, American Airlines...BITES. Both my flight out and our flight home were met with issues. I will likely never fly them again. I usually stick to Southwest...free bags, snacks, cheap tickets. Way better than late flights, rude attendants, and no snacks.

It was a great visit with my sister, as usual. I am so ready for her and her husband to move back at the end of the year!

Scotty and I landed around 12:30am, and then when he got to my Mom's house, he swam! NUTS. 7 year old boys have far more energy than I! 


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