Friday, August 2, 2013

July Cara Box

Cara Box

I am a *bit* behind here, but PLEASE forgive me! The new job has been kicking my booty this week, and I had hoped to have this up by Wednesday.
This was my first time participating in the Cara Box exchange, which is hosted by the amazing Wifessionals!
This month's theme was "Nautical"--which is one the BIG reasons I signed up!!! I absolutely LOVE anything beachy.

If you are unaware of the Cara Box deal--here is what is up:
From Wifessionals:
cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend
You will get paired up two other bloggers, email back and forth to get to know each other, and will crazily stalk their the most non-creepy way.

Towards the middle of the month you will create a box or package, specifically for the woman you were paired to send to, and ship it off to her. Your other partner will do the same for you.

You can participate as much or as little as you choose. Need a pick me up this month? Come and join in! Don't have an extra dollar to spare right now? Come back whenever you want!
Since you are re-paired each month, you can come and go as you please (:
Who doesn't like getting surprises in the mail?
You can meet other great women
You can get encouragement (see below)
Get some blog exposure (see below)

This month I was paired with two AMAZING ladies!
I sent a package to Darcy! She is such a gem, you MUST check out her blog! She is so fun, full of life, and a great friend.

The beautiful La'Shawn sent a package to me! Also, check her out! She is SUPER creative, has a fabulous personality (SO easy to talk to!), and is such a positive person. 

This is what was included in my Cara box:

So much it was hard to get a solid pic! The background is a really great tote that has already gotten some use as a pool bag! Three GREAT pairs of flip flops, that I am LOVING! A cute bracelet, Cracker Jacks (I'd already eaten a box by the time of pic haha) tropical cups and straws, stickers, and 3 nail polishes! I emailed La'Shawn because she NAILED it--Sinful Colors is my favorite brand of polish ever!

Thank you SO much, La'Shawn!!

I am so excited to continue my blog friendship with both ladies, and SO excited to meet more ladies in August!


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  1. Oh yay!! I am so glad that you liked it! Sinfun Colors is my favorite as well. So, I just had to share with you. ;) I hope this brings some fun & color to the rest of your summer sweetie.


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